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Wildlife & Photography Centre
Kiskunság National Park, Hungary

Landscape Photography Tours

Whether you are an independent traveller with an interest of nature photography or a professional with well defined

photographic targets in your mind, there are several different options to choose from:

    1.  You can stay at our own Kondor EcoLodge in the heart of the Kiskunsag National Park and use it as a perfect base to discover the area by your own.
    2.  We can organize a private photo-tour just for you according to your interest & preferred timing
    3.  You can join to a guided, thematic photography tour preset for small groups


For each of the above mentioned different styled Photography Holidays we can provide all the perfect background or elements as you wish: traditional thatch-roofed Hungarian accommodation with en-suite, clear rooms, excellent food & wine, personal attention, onsite photography possibilities at bird- & wildlife-rich garden and surrounding National Park areas, comfortable transportation, knowledgeable & enthusiastic guiding.