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Wildlife & Photography Centre
Kiskunság National Park, Hungary

Restaurant, Bar, Wine-cellar

RESTAURANT Our cosy restaurant has fine wooden interior and offers a perfect place to enjoy a breakfast or a tasty evening meal. We pay attention on individual requests and also small details like cups, mugs, serviettes, plates with butterfly, bird or other natural design.

If we know in advance we can cater vegetarian, vegan, diabetic, gluten-free and other dietary needs. For certain things we might need to charge extra. 

Breakfast - Our "Full Kondor Kiskunsag Breakfast" generally includes juice, coffee or tea, local whole-meal bread, toast, cold cuts, cheese, yogurt, muezzli, vegetables, fruits, Hungarian pastry or scrambled eggs or ham & eggs or Frankfurter/Sausage. 

Lunch - For our nature-lover groups we offer usually a nice picnic either at a butterfly & wildflower-rich meadow or at a birdfull forest, nice riverbank or shore of an alkaline lake. Or we put out even more food at breakfast, so you can make your lunch of your own style & amount of food, according to your needs. 

Snacks & drinks during the day - When you are on a tour with us we try to pamper you with coffee/tea/cappuccino, salty and sweet bisquits, fruits and water.

Dinner - At the end of the day we offer local Hungarian food which range from the famous Gulyas Soup or the Catcher of the Guy Soup through substantial portion of main dishes till local desserts. 

BAR In our small, but attractive bar we serve juices, beverages, local & international beer, a great selection of local wine from Bull's Blood till Tokaj Aszu originating from different famous wine-regions, local fruit brandy (=palinka) and more. 

WINE CELLAR Our wine cellar offers a cool place to check the birdlist while enjoying a variety of our great wines.