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Wildlife & Photography Centre
Kiskunság National Park, Hungary

Our mission

We strongly believe that ecotourism should help protect habitats and species if you do it in an ethical way. Ethical Ecotourism's main principles developed by Terra Incognita and partners.

Our main goal is to protect the habitats surrounding us at Kondor EcoLodge and help several key species to survive. We continuously monitor different protected species and participating in local and European environmental projects.

Our Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian friends with our help have been carrying out a massive Nestbox Project for Eurasian Rollers, European Hoopoes, Little & Scops Owls and creating nesting possibilities for different raptor species, including Saker Falcon, White-tailed Eagle, Red-footed Falcon and more. During the years more than 400 nestboxes were created, put out, controlled, cleaned and maintained. This resulted a significant growth especially for the Roller population, not just locally, but countrywise as well.

We offer on site birding, wildlife watching, birdphotography and macrophotography holidays with minimizing travel thus carbon footprint. During our travels we share our knowledge about the environmental problems and potential solutions both with our travellers and with local people.

We pay attention on using local products produced by local farmers, generally sourcing it from small family owned companies rather than large multinational mass productors. At the same time we also try to reduce the amount of waste and collect it selectively.

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