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Wildlife & Photography Centre
Kiskunság National Park, Hungary

We strongly believe that when you visit a country anywhere in the World, even if you are an avid birder or a professional nature photographer you should be open to the local culture, folklore and history as well. You should not miss to try the tasty products of the local cuisine, enjoy the wine and realize that during the traditional way of life nature and culture goes hands in hands.

We also have realized that  among our guests, sometimes even within a couple one is more interested in nature, while the other one is more interested in culture. If that is the case then we can suggest places to visit which are special Nature & Culture combinations, so you can visit areas where at the same site both can be enjoyed, such as in the Kiskunság you can see a lonely mediaeval church in the middle of the steppe and the same time have a chance to witness the display of a Great Bustard.

Or you can visit a local traditional eco-farm with historical buildings, folklore exhibiton and in the meantime see Eurasian Rollers, Tree Sparrows, Golden Oriole in the garden and around.

Or what about a traditional horse show in the steppe, where at the same time you can see Lesser Grey Shrike, White Stork or Souslik/Ground Squirrel?

At another place from top of a mediaeval earth-fortress you you can look down on a huge oxbow-lake full with Egrets, Herons, Spoonbills, Pygmy Cormorants, Ferruginous Ducks and many more. Same place you can witness at an open air museum how Hungarians lived more than thousand years ago.

At other parts of the country you can walk up to a fortress at a marvelous area and can find Alpine Accentors up there and Woodpeckers on the way in the woods. How about Wallcreeper on the walls of a huge church?

And the possibilities are almost endless..... please ask for more details