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Wildlife & Photography Centre
Kiskunság National Park, Hungary

Garden, ponds, feeders & hides


We are located just a stone-through away from the Westernmost edge of the short-grassed, Asiatic steppe, locally called "Puszta". Our lush garden covers 6000 square meters, bordered by forest and an open area. Our various trees provide not just shade, but very important feeding and nesting area for several local bird species including Eurasian Golden Oriole, Eurasian Hoopoe, Common and Black Redstart,  Tree Sparrow, Common Cuckoo, Long-tailed Tit Northern white-faced form, Hawfinch, Winter Wren, Nuthatch, Spotted Flycatcher, Mistle Thrush, Short-toed Treecreeper, Lesser Spotted -, Middle Spotted, Great Spotted and sometimes even Black Woodpecker and Wryneck is around as well.  Beside the regular Sparrowhawk sometimes Honey Buzzard and Goshawk visits as well and during the evenings either Scops Owls or Tawny Owl can be heard. Little and Long-eared Owls can be in a walking distance as well.

More details re Bird Species in the Garden and in the Kiskunság National Park 

Reptile species represented by Green Lizard, Sand Lizard and Grass Snake. But with different walks you have a chance for Smooth Snake, Aesculapian Snake and Pond Terrapin/European Pond Turtle as well. 

We also have some Mammals like Eastern Hedgehog, European Mole, Common Shrew or Red Squirrel in the garden, sometimes even Red Fox or Roe Deer pays a visit. During the evenings a few Bat species can be detected as well, including Lesser Mouse-eared Bat, Grey Long-eared Bat and even Soprano PipistrelleEurasian Souslik or Ground Squirrel colony is in walking distance, Brown Hare is also common. 

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Wildflowers in Kiskunság National Park


At a hidden corner of our area we created some nice ponds several years ago which has developed into an amazing micro-habitat full with unique plants, insects and frequented by birds and even mammals. During some Springs and Summers Nightjar comes to drink at dusk in front of our hide. The water attracts several Amphibians so Tree Frog, Edible Frog, Spadefoot, Green Toad, Fire-bellied Toad are quite common. Each Spring a great variety of Dragonfly species emerge from the pond ranging from Scarlet Darter through Black-tailed Skimmer till Emerald Dragonfly.


With the help of our Czech friends and the Kiskunsag National Park we put out several hundreds of different types of nestboxes for Rollers, Scops Owls, Little Owls, Hoopoes; nesting platforms for Saker Falcon, Red-footed Falcon and Imperial Eagle. Some of these nestboxes are in our garden, however there are many natural nests as wel even above or in front of your room door! We also use some small and a few large feeders which are popular throughout the year, frequented by different species, offering great photography possibilities for amateurs and professionals as well. 


We have several fixed and portable hides which offer excellent wildlife watching or photography opportunities for individuals or any size of groups. Our Drinking & Feeding Station Hides are between 3 ponds with feeders around, so there is always something to see or photograph. Please visit the photogallery with pics made from our specially designed hides. If you are interested in more details of Bird Photography possibilities at our place, please visit the following pages: More about HIDES and Hide Photography